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Type of cable terminal.


At present, there are generally the following types of cable terminal connection (female head) : the use of copper nose bolt connection; Open plug type connection; Closed socket connection. The copper nose bolt connection is the most common, especially the high current connection; Open plug connection, small current mode is more; The closed socket connection mode is used more for the male head connection and the processing mode without the gold device.

Typical treatments for cable terminals (male heads) are: copper nose using bolts; The use of needle insert copper nose; Flat (imitation bus) plug type copper nose; Use round tube cold pressing mode; Do not use the connection of gold tools directly lined with tin; A direct connection that does nothing to the terminal. Obviously, the needle type is only used in the small current secondary circuit, and the round tube cold pressed into a flat type (like the bus) is rarely used, so the current focus is the direct connection of the male head is multi-strand copper core without any treatment.

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